Wednesday, November 16, 2011

MBA in Simple Form

1. You see gorgeous girl in party, you go to her & say I am rich marry me
That’s – Direct Marketing.

2. You attend party & your friend goes to a girl & pointing at you tells her. He’ is very rich, marry him - That’s Advertising.

3. Girl walks to you & says u are rich, can u marry me?
“That’s Brand Recognition“

4. You say I m very rich marry me & she slaps you
“That’s Customer Feedback“

5. You say I m very rich marry me & she introduces you to her husband
“That’s Demand & Supply Gap“

6. Before you say I m rich, marry me, you wife arrives
That’s Restriction from Entering New Market.

Wanted Husband

A Girl posts an ad in newspaper for her Life-partner .
"Need a person who never leaves me, never beats me
& can satisfy me on bed"
Next day a guy with no arms & legs knocks at her
Girl: who are You..??
Guy: I want to be your husband.
Girl: You don't fit for that.
Guy: I don't have arms, So i can't beat you..! I don't
have legs, so i can't leave you.
Girl: How can u satisfy me on bed?
Guy: How do u think i knocked the door ;)

Sardar ka Wrong Number

Sardar calls from delhi 2 his wife in chandigarh.
SERVENT picked d phone.
Sardar-memsab se baat karao.
SERVENT-wo to sahab k sath kamre me he.
Sardar-par sahab to me hu,
... SERVENT-ab me kya karu?
Sardar-maar de dono ko me hold karta hu.
AFTER killing SERVENT-lasho ka kya karu?
Sardar-ghar k piche k swiming pool me phenk k bhaag ja.
SRVNT-par hamare ghar me to swimming pool hi nahi he.
Sardar-kaha se bol rahe ho?
Sardar-OH SORRY, wrong number"

Little Johnny Smart Answer